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Dr. Anita Rath is most renowned for her sharp eye for facial aesthetics, par excellence injector skills and is at the forefront of surgical & non-surgical cosmetic medicine. Every face, everybody has its own story. ‘Blanket treatments’ don’t work for everyone. Hence personal attention is given to every client who walks through the door. Even after 20 years of practice, she has the same passion and pride towards her results and derives satisfaction from planning and treating every face […]

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At Ashu Skin Care during FUE hair transplant, an instrument called a fine punch, which is less than 1 millimetre in diameter, is used to extract the hair follicles. After numbing the donor area with local anaesthesia, the punch is inserted into the skin, all around the hair follicles which goes under till the follicle root. The follicle is then separated from the adjacent fatty tissue. The small and multiple spots left on the extracted area of the scalp that recovered by their own healing process […]

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Medical Council of India recommends only Dermatologists and plastic surgeons are permitted to do hair transplant in India as they have knowledge in the subject of hair transplant. So always ask for the qualification of doctor while you’re choosing your hair transplant hair clinic. At Ashu Skin Care all hair transplantation is done by Dr. Anita Rath who is an M.D in skin and VD and she is a qualified dermatologist an experienced hair transplant surgeon.

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She believes in the aesthetic hair transplant surgery and that is why the technique of FUT hair transplant is given by them in most of the baldness cases as it has an ability to extract a number of follicular units to fulfil the goal of high-density hair restoration surgery. The remarkable results of the hair transplant procedure done by Dr Anita Rath reveal the fact of her outstanding knowledge & skills for the undetectable as well as a natural hair transplant procedure.